30 Days…

30 Days…

What happens when you stop drinking for 30 days?

Whats up my amazing readers and listeners!? It’s Inviere, as always back again with another entry. In this edition I want to go over something that I may not have shared here before. Recently I decided to stop drinking…for good. As I’ve stopped the booze, I’ve noticed a few things in the past 30 days that I thought I’d share. So with no further delay, let’s gather our thoughts, put the paperwork aside and lets get to it!

Before we begin, I just want to say that this choice wasn’t because of any health or mental issues. I never considered my drinking or nights out were apart of an addictive lifestyle, but I did notice slower recoveries the day after, and other red flags. So I hope, as a reader you are not looking for a scientific explanation of the physiological changes to your body. I’m sorry. What I do offer is a more “Social perspective” on doing your first dry 30 days from an entertainer’s point of view. What happens when you have gigs in nightclubs, when other performer’s are drinking, and other generally awkward situations.

So, what I noticed during my first 30 day’s was that I was really tired all the time. When I would play a show and then have drinks afterward I would always have a crazy hangover. I would have to take the next day off from work, and it totally wiped me out. After my first sober show, I stayed and hung out in the after party but woke up to the same feeling. Minus the nausea and the pounding headache, I noticed that I was mostly fatigued from staying up. I was able to pick up on this and now I feel like I can manage my sleep a little better so I’m good the next day.

Another thing I noticed was that it’s a little rough on your friends. Now, your fake friends will bail, be ready for that. But your true friends will still be your friends no matter what. What I noticed was that they were really supportive and even wanted to help out. It was good to see that they all had my back, but I noticed it was still a little awkward when we would hang out. They would forget that I stopped drinking and offer up a drink, then apologize shortly after. I don’t blame them, it’s awkward as fuck and I’m sure it was a major change for them. It must be crazy to have your friend go through something like this, so I totally understand. We used to party and I would slam down drinks like nothing, so it could feel like a drag not tossing back a cold one. But I focused on other things, like making sure everyone was cool in public and got home safe. I even had a secure feeling that I was able to think clearly if needed, which was a major plus.

I even started to save a lot more money. I know that’s really shallow to say, but it’s true. Normally I would have a drink a few times a week, and always on the weekends. This adds up over time, especially when you add in special events and concerts. After I stopped spending cash on drinks, there was more cash at the end of the week. As an entrepreneur I’m always happy to save money so I can invest it into something later on. This was only in 30 days, so no major savings, but I did notice a big change in my spending habits.

So, even though it only has been 30 days, I can see the benefits of this lifestyle change. I really hope I can keep this up, but I know even if I fall off the wagon I’ll be okay. Things change, and you have to adapt to the changes. I hope this helps someone out there going through the same thing I am. It can be rough for people in our industry to live a sober lifestyle, so I wish you well if you are struggling with sobriety. Remember to reach out for help if you need it, and remember you are stronger than any addiction. As always, I wish you well and keep the fight alive!



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