NEW Soundcloud playlists!

Hey whats up?! Inviere back again, and in this edition I wanted to share with you some cool playlists that I put together on soundcloud. I gathered up all the various tracks here and there and finally placed them in some sort of order. If you know me this is no easy feat! I am by far the most organized, un-organized person I know! (if that makes sense…) But with no further delay lets get into the playlists!

The Singles Playlist

Above you can catch all the random songs that EMP has recorded and preformed over the years. There are some amazing tracks that really rock the house when we play them live, and some super chilled songs to relax to. Over all I really enjoy this playlist because it highlights the different songs we have done.

I’ve noticed that we have fans that have only heard stuff that we play live, while others have only heard what we have online. So I hope this helps bridge any gaps for everyone!

I’ll be posting more of these playlists with little breakdowns and behind the scenes stories about each track on the list. I have a few more things brewing, but I’ll go into that in future posts. Until then, be safe and keep the fight alive!