Big plans


Hey what’s up everyone?! Its Inviere here, and I hope you’re doing great! In this quick post, I just wanted to share a few things I have been working on. Let’s go!!

So, as you know, I founded Inviere Entertainment a few months ago and everything has been amazing! Our first event broke even and had a good hype with NO touring acts! So I’ve used this momentum to build a good reputation in my city and things are looking good. I’m currently trying to plan better events, and updating our business plan to mesh better with how things are shaping up. In a nutshell, I may need to focus more on live events since they are doing better than record sales at the moment.

During all this I’m also gearing up for our annual charity events. Last year around November we held a warm clothes drive, and we were able to make some good contributions to a local rescue mission. This went over so well with the community we started asking for donations at other local events as well. I figure that since we are gathering people together, we might as well get some donations while we are at it!

Besides local events, I’ve also been getting familiar with copyright law and looking for a good lawyer. This is in preparation for the new album release and for future releases. I get the sneaking suspicion that musicians have forgotten to do this with their music. I know I have released mix tape songs without getting the copyright, but from now every song will have a copyright before release. This will be a major part of the upcoming releases. I will keep you all updated on the process as it develops.

All and all I really want to nail all this down and lay a good foundation to build my music on. Once we are all settled and get more familiar with the legalities of releasing independent music the correct way, there is nothing that can stop us! As always, keep the fight alive and have an amazing day!