Local Flavor: Pecan Festival

Whats good everyone?! It’s Inviere here, and in this edition I want to share with you some amazing local flavor! James Doom and I were in town for the first annual Pecan Festival in Mesilla, NM and were able to check out the historic plaza and some of the amazing local vendors. Roll with us as we check out the local flavor, scope the scene and enjoy a super chilled Saturday afternoon. Let’s Get it!

Now, this event was a new thing in the area. This was the first annual Pecan Festival, and don’t quote me on the name. But there was a lot at this event and spanned the main road through the town of Mesilla. There was a county fair type event at the local high school, and a car show in the parking lot of city hall. We stuck around the plaza and checked out the local shops and taverns in the area.

The Town of Mesilla is a small suburb of the City of Las Cruces, NM. It is a main point of interest for its rich history in the southwest. We were in town having a drink at the local bar Palacios, and decided to walk a few blocks to the plaza were the main event was being held. It was an amazing autumn day in Southern New Mexico, with a cool breeze and lots of amazing sunlight.

The Plaza was filled with local vendors selling everything from Green Chile infused wines, to locally grown Pecans and turquoise jewelry. You could smell the food cooking from restaurants in the plaza, and the overall vibe was really soothing.

Later on, we saw some musicians making their way to the stage the town had set up. We had just missed the previous performers, but they were up and playing in no time. The plaza was soon filled with chilled rock and county from local and touring bands.

In another section of the plaza was a beer and wine tasting area put together by a few local breweries and vineyards. They had the area roped off, and I didn’t plan on paying to get in but there was a few craft beers and wine for sale. I was curious to taste some of the more unusual flavor combinations that were on sale. Some included the Green Chile Wine, as well as craft Pecan and Pumpkin based beers, and a variety of fall flavors.

Walking in the plaza mixed with having drinks at the local bar really made for a dope afternoon. I was glad to have experienced it, and that I was able to share some cool photos with everyone here.

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend and as always remember to keep the fight alive!