New Layout for Bandcamp!

What is up everyone?! Happy Monday night! Inviere here, wishing you well as we get ready for yet another amazing work week. In this edition I wanted to share some new updates I applied to my Bandcamp site, as well as get everyone familiar with that page.So let’s get it!


New Layout, check it out here!

I recently had the urge to update all (well, most of..) my online sites and services. So far I have had a consistent “branding” as you will, across all platforms. But there were a few that were kinda different from all the rest, mainly my Bandcamp profile.

With a quick strike of inspiration I decided to base a new design off of the current header for the blog site. I also pulled the previous background image, and made a lighter version of what was currently being used. I feel that this helped to tie these two sites closer together. I hoped to make the transition from one site to the other as seamless as possible.

Bandcamp has been a really good tool for me as a recording artist. I’m really happy that there is a service that allows a musician to sell their music directly to their fans. I have been using Bandcamp for a few years now, and I have had some good responses. I hope to use my Bandcamp account as a way to sell more exclusive singles and albums not available in hard copy. If you are a musician, band, or vocalist, I highly suggest Bandcamp to host and sell your music.

I hope you dig the new look and that you had a chance to listen to some of my music currently hosted there. I will be updating this site with more recent tracks I have been working on as an upcoming Bandcamp exclusive. So make sure to follow this blog as well as Twitter and facebook for more information.

Until next time, be safe, keep the fires burning and have a safe night.



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