James Doom – “Doin My Thang” Ft. Joseph Inviere (Produced By Me$$iah Beat$)

“Doin My Thang” James Doom Ft. Joseph Inviere

Produced by Me$$iah Beat$

Classic Track by James Doom Ft. Joseph Inviere

Hey whats up everyone? Inviere here! In this edition I continue going over all the past tracks we have done over the years. I wanted to share another track by James Doom and I called, “Doing My Thang”. This track was produced by Me$$iah Beat$, and is still one of our favorite tracks to play live!

This track and other tracks are going to be a part of a collection slated for CD release. I plan on having the CD’s completed later this year, but I am making a list of all the tracks I planning on releasing. “Doing My Thang” is for sure a track to get you pumped, and I hope you all like it and would like to see it on the up coming CD release. Comment your thoughts below.

Thanks again and have great evening!