James Doom – “Let’s Smoke” Ft Joseph Inviere

“Let’s Smoke” – Ft Joseph Inviere

Classic Track by James Doom and Joseph Inviere (EMP Music)

Hey! Whats up everyone? Inviere here, wishing you a happy, and prosperous new year! Hope all your holidays were awesome, and that you are starting the new year well! I’m happy to be back and blogging! In this edition I wanted to share one of my favorite old-school tracks. lets get to it!

“Let’s Smoke”, is such a classic for me, dating back to 2013! I remember when I was experimenting with the talk box, and really wanted to nail it down. This track was one of the early recordings that we put together with this new technique. Take a listen!

Another classic jam to roll up and vibe out to, “Let’s Smoke” is a track I always have on a road trip or any time I might enjoy a smoke. I hope you can dig the song and add it to your playlist, or when you need something with a mellow vibe!

Thanks again and I hope y’all enjoy the track! Happy new year and be safe!