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“Lost in Illusion” Bandcamp purchase link

The new album from Joseph Inviere is now available at Bandcamp!

Hey everyone! Inviere here, and I just wanted to quickly re-post the link to my latest album, “Lost in Illusion (Reborn edition)”. I wanted to post this information again to make sure that everyone had another chance to download the album! Let’s get to it!

The album, “Lost in Illusion” is a collection of songs that I did back in 2010, that I have recently remixed and remastered for CD release. Some of my favorite solo tracks are on this album, including “Say Yeah” and “We’re At an End”. The album is also available to purchase on a physical CD from my online store here on the site. Here is the link..

Thanks again and I hope you enjoy the tracks! Please make sure to share the tracks and subscribe to the website for more updates! Be safe and have an awesome week!



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