Never Doubt yourself

Man wins over judges!

Nerves couldn’t stop Christopher from delivering an amazing performance on the UK X-Factor!

Good morning everyone! Inviere here, back at it again! I hope your week was amazing and that your weekend wasn’t too crazy! In this edition I wanted to share this amazing video from the UK X-Factor, as well as some positive vibes to start off your week! Let’s Do this!

Christopher Maloney, a 34 year old customer service advisor from Liverpool, stunned the X-Factor judges with his amazing rendition of “Some say Love”. At first everyone in the audience, including the judges thought that Christopher was a nervous wreak! But then as his backstory develops, we learn that he was never encouraged by those around him. That his amazing skill was stifled by self doubt, and lack of encouragement. Only his Grandmother believed in Christopher, and her strength helped him take the stage. Christopher had been living with his Grandmother since the passing of his Grandfather, and the performance was Christopher’s way of honoring his memory.

I wanted to share this with everyone today, because we almost lost an amazing talent. We may have never heard Christopher’s amazing performance if he would have listened to all the naysayers. If he would have believed what everyone had told him, we would never had known about his amazing talent. I wanted to share this video with the hopes that someone out there can be inspired to start their musical journey, and not worry about the lack of encouragement. So if you are like Christopher, and are surrounded by naysayers, please don’t listen to them! You are amazing, and full of talent if you believe in your self. Never doubt yourself! You will do amazing things!

With that, I hope you are inspired by the video and that you find the power in yourself to share your talents with the world. Until next time, be safe and keep the fight alive!



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