When it rains it pours..

Hey what’s up everybody it’s Joseph inviere here, back again with another blog post! I hope everything is going good and that your week is been amazing! In today’s edition I just want to share a couple of shows, some music updates and some good news from your friends at EMP music so let’s get it!

So at the beginning of this month me and James Doom started to sent out a bunch of emails trying to get some more shows booked and thankfully we were able to book a lot of shows in a little bit of time! I just want to say thanks to all the promoters that book EMP music! Major shout out to the homies from Albuquerque all the way down to El Paso Texas!

Check out some of the flyers for the events!

“Vibrations” Show, March 24th 501 Bar & Bistro – El Paso TX


“1st Annual New Mexico 420 Education, Music, and Arts Fest”, April 20th Youngs Park – Las Cruces, NM


505 Mini Gathering Flyer

“The 2nd Annual 505 Mini-Gathering of the Juggalos”, July 1st-2nd The Jam Spot Albuquerque, NM


If you are in the area come by and hang out with EMP! I will post more updates as they happen, and I will share all the craziness we run into! As always I want to wish you all well, and I hope you have an awesome rest of your week! Keep the fight alive!


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