“Should Have Said” – NOW Streaming on Spotify!

“Should Have Said” – Now available for Digital Distribution

The new single from Joseph Inviere is now available for purchase online!

Aye! Inviere here! I wanted to quickly share with everyone some AMAZING news! Recently I have been working hard and have had some major breakthroughs! In this edition I wanted to let you know that my new track, “Should Have Said”, is now available online through all the major sites! I’m so happy that everything fell into place, and I’m thankful for everyone’s support over the years. Let’s get it!

So a few weeks ago I was looking into new ways to distribute all the music that I have been working on with EMP Music as well as all my different side projects. So without getting to technical, (*SIDE NOTE: If you want a more detailed tutorial on how to do this, leave a comment below!) I was looking into all the different Aggregators and submitted all my copyright information, before I finally made the decision to continue.

Well long story short, I bit the bullet and decided to release my song with CD Baby, and publish it as an own independent publisher. Now, only a few weeks later, “Should Have Said” is available at iTunes, AmazonMP3,Spotify, Tidal, Google Play Music Store, and TONS More!

So if you use any of these sites, make sure to show some love for my first track to be released WORLD WIDE!! This is a major achievement for myself as well as all the artists that are represented by EMP Music and Inviere Entertainment. So, I thank you in advance for your support and I hope that Inviere Entertainment can continue to be successful in the future!

Be blessed, and keep the fight alive!