ALBUM REVIEW – “Planet” – Tech N9ne

Planet Cover

Cover art for the new Album from Tech N9ne, “Planet” OUT NOW!!

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BRUHHH!!! This album is dope….review over….

Hhaha not really guys! As you can tell from the above photo and link, one of my all time favorite artists, the one and only TECH N9NE recently dropped his new album entitled, “Planet”. In this edition, I share the link so you all can listen to the album from Spotify as well some of my personal highlights from the album. Let’s get to it!!


If you have a Spotify account, you can use the player above to stream the album while you read the review. If you are not a Spotify user, you can also grab the album off of iTunes, and Apple Music.

The album dropped today, and has already been flooding my social media and suggested posts. Hype for the album started when Tech dropped the video for the first single, “Don’t Nobody Want None”. For me, it was an instant classic once I heard that Tech had used the sample from the break-dance classic, “Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)” by Hashim. Once his rap flow hit the beat I lost it. It was too dope to ignore, “Planet” was here to kill it.

Check out the video for “Don’t Nobody Want None”…


“Bad JuJu” Ft. King Iso, was recently featured on the upcoming UFC 3 Video game.


Bad JuJu


FACT: King Iso was featured in the photo album – “Kutt Calhoun and Twisted Insane LIVE!” Read more about the event and check out all the photos here

One of the first tracks I wanted to shine a light on, was “Bad JuJu” ft. King Iso. This track was recently featured on the upcoming UFC 3 Video game released by EA Sports. I was a fan of UFC 2, and was known to throw controllers as a result of a bad round or two. The games high intensity, and complex game mechanics make the game CRAZY fun to play. So add some awesome music to add to the experience.

In the tradition of other game titles, UFC 3 selected some of the latest hip hop and rock tracks for their soundtrack. This release is no different! It has a good mix, and combines underground, mainstream, and alternative in a way that helps the game. I might just get the game knowing that the soundtrack consists of stuff that I’d probably listen to.

Here is some other artists featured on the UFC 3 soundtrack:

  • Future, “POA”
  • Hopsin, “The Purge”
  • G-Easy, A$AP Rocky and Cardi B, “No Limit”

How I’m Feelin’

Now, this track in my option was going to be dope no matter what. I have been a fan of Snow The Product for a while now, and have been following the #Woke team on YouTube as well as IG. If you don’t…..I suggest you do….

This is one of many features that Snow and Tech share. They have been collaborating since Snow’s “Good Nights & Bad Mornings 2: The Hangover” back in 2013, and possibly even further back than that. Both Tech and Snow have crazy lyrical deliveries, and for sure share the multi-sylable, laser focused, chopper style. This fact shines in tracks like, Snow’s “Your Welcome”, and Tech’s “So Dope (They Wanna)”. “How I’m Feelin'” is no different.

Totally stoked to see Snow making an appearance on Tech’s new album. This shows that they have a solid connection and hopefully this tells us that they may work together on future projects.


So, I hoped you took some time to listen to some of the tracks on the new album and made it this far. If you’re not a fan of Tech’s style, or his music; I hope that you have a change of heart and check out some of the songs on this album. I have followed him over the years, and have seen his fan base change drastically. I hope this album brings back some old school tech fans to the mix, and earns some new fans as well.

Overall, I dig it. I hope you do as well, if not no worries…

As always thanks for reading, and I hope that you have an amazing weekend! Make sure to comment your thoughts below, and if you have any tracks you put on repeat leave a link below so I can check it out! Until next time, stay safe!




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