Looper Jam 03-03-2018

Hey whats up everyone! I hope that you all are doing great, and that your Sunday is going even better! In this edition I wanted to share with you a video my brother and I put together yesterday. I had recently set up a new location in my home to film some video, and we wanted to test it out! So lets get to it!

In the video I used my go to guitar for clean tones, my Fender Acoustic-Electric. I ran it through a newly purchased DI box, and was using my PA to push the sound. Using the PA allowed me to uuse additional items like a micriphone, and external Zoom recorder. The DI box made it quick work of balancing out the sound of my guitar, and helped make the post production on the recording minimal and transparent.

I used Adobe Premire Pro, Creative Cloud 2017 edition to mix the video and color grade the footage. There is a dip in exposure, causing the video to get darker a ferw seconds in, but this is due to not setting the exposure lock on my camera LOL.

Overal, I am happy with the quality of the video, and hope to do more like this soon. I plan on cleaning up the set as well, and adding a backdrop possibly or some plants or something cool to add to the scene. If you liked the video, or if you have any tips on what to play, what gear I should use next time, or if you would like to show some love; Please leave a comment below and let me know!

Until next looper jam, take it easy and keep the fight alive!