Lost in Illusion now on Spotify!!


Hey guys! It is my honor to share with you another major release for my music! This time it is for my album, “Lost in Illusion”. I want to share a little backstory on the album and some of my favorite tracks as well. Like always, I am SO happy that I am able to share my original work with you all. So thank you in advance for reading, and for taking the time to listen!

“Tranz Coded”

The first song that I wanted to highlight was a favorite of mine for a long time now. I remember the day that I had sat down to write this song. It was a rainy day, and I had taken the day off from work just so I could do some writing for some tracks. The track that I decided to work on would soon become “Tranz Coded”.

During this time I was “experimenting”, with a few new things (Sprite and Codeine Cough Syrup LOL) and had made a fresh cup of dirty sprite before I got to work. As the session progressed, I had written the hook, and it came down to work on the verses. I wanted to try something new, because around this time I had been singing a lot on my tracks. This was when I decided to try a new delivery style and tried faster rap type delivery while still keeping the melodic feel.

This is still one of my favorite verses to rap along to…

“We’re at An End”

“We’re at An End” is my favorite song on the album mostly because of the lyrics. The words in the song tell a few different stories, and you can get a better idea of the story line by breaking the lyrics into sections.

I affectionately call this one my “Battlestar Galactica Song”.

The first half of the first verse you hear the frustration and regret of a person that is not sure of what they are doing, or what they are fighting for.

“In our darkest hour, It’s oh so clear.

There is no point, either here or there.

If we can’t relax and just breathe the air.

Nothing seems to change, we’re all still the same…

Take it day by day, fight for our lives it’s all okay.

Fight for our lies, it’s all okay…”

This story develops further in the second verse…

“I’m 200,000 miles away.

Too far for my voice to whisper or say,

what I really mean or what you mean to me..

But if I could turn it back, you know I’ll do the same…”

So, somehow you get the feeling of loneliness and longing for your loved ones, along with a little sci-fi reference as well! (The moon is around 200,000 miles from earth, approximately 283,000 miles)

I was able to play around with the structure of the story telling by expressing the inner thoughts of the character, and by using direct quotes from a third party (possibly the character’s outer thoughts or actions? ) that directly describe what is happening. You can get an idea of this when the lyrics become more direct, and almost as if they were sections of dialog from a warship command center.

“We’re under attack, and I think we’re going down.

Our mission is critical, we can’t let them down.

Communications are a go, just say the word…”

..and in the second half of the second verse…

“Brace yourself for impact, it’s gonna get rough.

All hands to their stations, it’s time to rip ’em up

Fight for our lies, it’s all okay…

Fight for our lies, it’s all okay…

Defenses are down, prepare for evacuation.

This has happened before and it would happen again….”

So basically, I love how I was able to get a deeper perspective of emotion while still keeping the song dark and with a war type feeling.

“Say Yeah”

Now this is the last song that I wanted to highlight. There are more great songs on the album including, “Vision (of Light)” and “Downloaded” but I want you to discover some of the music on your own!

“Say Yeah” was kinda inspired by the Britney Spears Video for “Till the World Ends” LOL! In the video, you see grungy Mad Max type club goers heading to the sewers to find an underground club. It is here that Britney gives her last performance as the video cuts to scenes of asteroids destroying the city above while they dance and party until ultimately everything is destroyed. I saw this, and almost immediately took it the idea and ran with it.

“End of the world Party”

I wanted to make my version of this idea a little darker and make it less of a dance party, and more of my type of party!

Another influence for this song was the single and video for “End of the World” by the band Cold. In this video, you see more of a chilled club scene with celebrities and even more club goers drinking and partying the last few hours away. I liked the vibe of this video more because “Say Yeah” was more of a “Drink the world away” type song, opposed to “Dance the world away”.

“Drink the pain away”


So there you have it! A little sneak peak of what I suggest you listen to if you decide to take a listen to my album, “Lost In Illusion”. You can see where I got the inspiration for the album and where I went with the lyrical content and audio style of the album.

I get a lot of questions about this album, because it is more of my original style and not the usual style of music I play with EMP. I always say that I would have 10 Lost in Illusion albums if I would have stayed with my original sound and not let others influence me in the past. But overall I really dig this sound, and it feels more natural for me when I play these songs than the others in my collection.  I might make plans for a “Lost In Illusion Part II” soon, you never know!

Until next time, thank you for reading and for listening to the album! Please make sure to follow me on all the major music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and more! Also, leave a comment if you listened to the album and feel free to share your favorite tracks as well!