Putting things in perspective

Hey guys, glad you’re still here. I hope you are hanging in there and staying strong. Things are still crazy out there so Im happy you’re here.

This is just my opinion but I know Im going to piss some people off. But fuck it. Some of this shit is ridiculous and I cant believe I even have to say this.

People are dying. People have lost loved ones. People have lost children and children have lost Parents. I cannot stand for it. I will not stand for it. I cannot continue to watch as nothing is being done while more and more people die. Its sickening.

I understand that businesses are closing doors and people are losing their jobs. But what I cant understand is how loss of revenue and the economy are more important than the loss of life. We can bounce back and we can turn the economy around with proper leadership. But we can never bring people back.

If everyone is lying in a grave who are you going to serve drinks to? Is going to a restaurant more important than another persons life? I don’t think so. Is your vanity worth taking a child’s life?

I know the pain of losing someone you love. I also know what its like to struggle and have a business fail. The pain of losing a love one, WILL ALWAYS HURT MORE. If my job closed down today, I will go dig ditches to support my family. I will do whatever it takes to support them. But I will not go through the pain of losing someone I love just so some selfish person can go get a drink. I will not bury a family member so you can have a night out. I will not let you die so I can play golf.

Get the fuck over it. Wear a mask. Make the sacrifice. Stop putting money over human lives…