Recent changes…

Sometimes things change and you don’t know if you can keep up. Things feel odd, different, and everything is upside down. But eventually, time does pass and you become accustomed to the change. Things start to become normal and you start to get comfortable. It’s a hard process, and it’s still new. I’m only just beginning, and I’m already struggling. But as time goes, things get easier.

It’s my first week with my son, after my first week without him. I’m about three weeks into my new routine and things are starting to settle. Somewhat. I still have negative thoughts about this and that, and it’s hard to erase them from my mind. But I force myself to change my outlook and become more positive. Sometimes I have to just forget about things completely.

“Either outcome I need to accept accountability for my actions and choose to be better.”

Self-Discipline is the ability to do things that you don’t want to do, and I’m doing more things that I don’t want to do. In the end, I want to be better. I want to learn how to prevent this from happening again. I may or may not be able to save my former relationship. Only time will tell, and we need a lot of time. Either outcome I need to accept accountability for my actions and choose to be better. I need to actually put in the work and get better. It has to happen. It’s too late in my life to continue like this, I need to make the change.

So I’m letting the changes happen. I’m no longer fighting it. I choose to accept this time as it is; an opportunity to learn from my mistakes and become a better man. I’m ready…