Currently Listening: 04-20-2021

Hey everyone! Joseph Inviere here, and I want to thank you for joining me on another edition! It’s been a little while since I’ve made one of these particular posts, so I wanted to get back into it! If notice, there are a few more tracks than usual! Which only means more awesome-ness for everyone to enjoy!

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With all that being said, let’s get to it!

“Everything We Need” – A Day To Remember

The first track coming up is a new favorite of mine. Ever since I was introduced to A Day To Remember, I have been a fan. They are still going strong and the track, “Everything We Need” is one of the singles released from their 2021 album “You’re Welcome”.

“Crave” & “Exile” – Nothing, Nowhere

Up next is a double-shot of an artist that I’ve gotten into with ABSOLUTELY no regrets. You all may be familiar with Nothing, Nowhere and have seen this band/artist show up on these lists multiple times in the past. The only thing I really want to mention here, is the way that genres are blended and how everything is a mix of something else. It can be a little different at first, but it works! I totally dig the vibe of both these tracks, and if you haven’t heard the “Trauma Factory” album, you should go stream it now…I’ll be here waiting.

Here’s a double-shot of Nothing, Nowhere.

“La Noche De Anoche” – Bad Bunny ft. Rosalia

I had heard of Bad Bunny for a while now, and I have liked some of his tracks. But recently on #LocalTwitter (lol) there had been some hype about an upcoming show where ticket prices had become crazy expensive or something..I really didn’t catch what the hype was about, but I wanted to get back into Bad Bunny to see if there was anything new. I knew there was going to be some fire, and I was not disappointed. This track is pretty dope to dance to, and if you got the rhythm you can KILL it if you had the right partner.

Ladies, take note. This one is deadly on the dance floor. Enjoy!

“Dying Lately” – Jake Hill

Up next is an artist that makes another appearance later on in the list as a guest feature. This track was my introduction to Jake Hill, and I was intrigued. Similar to Joe, and Nothing, Nowhere; Jake Hill is another artist that blends a lot of genres into something new. I totally dig the vibe, and if you’re into everything so far I’m sure this one will get you too!

“a frequency pulling my head towards the woods” – 93FEETOFSMOKE, fats’e, Anxiety Attacks

As we continue on with the playlist, I hope you’re picking up on the vibe here. I’m all about the genre bending, and even ditching the idea of genre in the first place. This track is a perfect example of mixing everything into a pot and making it work. I’ve been a fan of 93FEETOFSMOKE for a little while and I’ve been a fan of Anxiety Attacks as well. Both artists do their own thing very well, so to see them working together in this track was really cool to see. Crazy name, but really cool song!

“Back on My Bullshit” – Magnolia Park ft. iamJakeHill

So this track is totally new to me, and I’m really, really digging it! I mentioned earlier in the list that Jake Hill would be making another appearance later on, well kids; Here it is! So it’s a little familiar from that point of view but once again it’s still something new that still mixes genres and still manages to kill it. With the weird resurgence of pop-punk and post-trap fusion, this track fits perfect in that landscape. I’ll have to take a deeper dive into Magnolia Park because this track was a good introduction to their sound.

“Girl Next Door” Ft. Lil aaron & “I Don’t Even Like U” – Lil Lotus

Coming with the second double-shot of the night is Lil Lotus with two of his tracks that show some of his new work and some more of his “usual” sound. I’ve had mixed feelings about Lil Lotus, especially since he started doing the pop-punk type stuff as well, but all that aside I think the tracks still sound really good and I can still dig the vibe.

“Ashes and Chandeliers” Yung Van ft. Kaiyko

Another newcomer on the list that features another familiar sound. Yung Van is another artist that I recently heard of and was impressed by. Also, I had heard some tracks featuring Kaiyko as well and I always really liked them. So being familiar with Kaiyko I gave Yung Van a shot and once again I was impressed. Young Van and Kaiyko, two more artists that are worth a deeper dive!

So that’s it everyone! I’m glad we got a chance to catch up and share some new music! I hope you found some tracks that you like, and found some new artists worth taking a second look at. Remember, if you liked this episode make sure to leave a like and if you have any suggestions on tracks or artists, please make sure to comment below! Subscribe for more updates and make sure to follow the podcast on Spotify!

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Until next time, I hope you all stay safe!