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Jett Meets the Easter Bunny

This past weekend the family and I took a trip to take this lovely photo. Jett wasn’t afraid of the Easter Bunny, and seemed to have a fun time checking out our local mall.

After a short nap at the local bookstore, we received out copies of the photos and we were happy with the outcome. We will for sure make this a new tradition in our family.

Jett’s Mom and I are glad that we had the chance to make this happen!


LIVE STREAM – PM Editing sessions

So last night I decided to try something new. I decided to live stream the last 15 minutes of my editing session last night. Nothing too fancy, just me working on “Crash”.

I really had fun doing this, and I might start doing more of these live streams.

To catch these video’s has they happen, make sure to follow my page on facebook!


See you in the next episode!


Take back your Power

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It’s easy to let negative people monopolize your time – even when they’re not around you. Don’t let them in your head!

It’s easy to spend a few hours dreading seeing or spending time with a negative person. Combine that with more moments of venting to a friend or co-worker, and you’ve just given that person hours of your creative time!

Don’t allow negative people to steal your time and energy. Don’t complain about people you don’t enjoy. Don’t give them any real estate in your peace of mind. Instead of spending your downtime thinking about how much you dislike that person you have to work with, turn on the radio and listen to music that reduces your stress or work on your favorite project.

Take back your power by limiting the amount of time you spend talking about, thinking about, and worrying about unpleasant people. Seek out positive people and positive vibes instead.