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If you’re struggling with guilt, know that you’re not alone. Many people feel guilty for all sorts of reasons, whether it’s because they made a mistake, hurt someone’s feelings, or let someone down. The good news is that there are steps you can take to work through your guilt and move on.

One of the first things to do is to forgive yourself. You might feel like you don’t deserve it, but try to remind yourself that everyone makes mistakes and that you’re only human. Second, try to make things right if you can. If you hurt someone, apologize and try to make things right. If you made a mistake, try to learn from it and do better next time.

Lastly, give yourself some time to process what happened. Guilt can be overwhelming, but it’s important to allow yourself to feel it and then let it go. If you’re finding it difficult to let go of your guilt, consider talking to a therapist, who can help you work through it in a healthy way.

It’s raining like crazy in my area, and it’s great. I’m fighting the urge to drink coffee on my back porch and say, “We needed this” to myself over and over. So I decided to make some music, and share a video with you all.

Things are indeed going crazy, and I hope you all are well, and prepared. Please be safe out there, and enjoy the new track. Check out the link below and download a copy to use in your projects. Make sure to tag me in the final results!

Keep the fight alive and I’ll see you all soon! Take care!


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Over these past few months I’ve been working on a few things. I mostly focused on my mental health and spiritual health. Then over time I began to include my physical health as well. But my focus was always a healthy mindset. Focused, disciplined, and cool under pressure. To achieve this I began to look into harnessing the minds ability to manifest desired outcomes, and the ability to focus your thoughts to achieve goals. This book is the result of some of my findings.

This is my first time trying to put something like this together for the public. I’ve created similar programs for my personal use and my personal trainings, but this is the very first time I’ve offered anything like this to the public!

As a first time author, or whatever you can call it, my goal is to help the reader achieve a goal. I want the reader to work with this journal and to be honest with themselves and manifest their own inner power. I hope you enjoy this journal, and I look forward to creating more.

Thank you all in advance, and I hope this journal helps someone out-there!

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I have been going through some older files and I’ve been finding some really vibe-y tracks! “Carry On” is one of them.

I wanted to share this one because I’m interested in how someone new might sound on the track. I want to hear someone else’s take on the song, and see where they go with it musically. I always found it interesting to see other musicians or vocalists experiment on new songs. Hopefully I can hear something new soon!

Until next time, stay safe! I’ll be finalizing some new tracks later tonight and uploading them to the store later this week! Stay tuned for more!

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