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Hey guys, long time no see. I’m glad to see that you all are still here, safe, and healthy. Now about this week’s post. I’ll admit that it’s probably my subconscious telling me something, but that’s hearsay. I’ve been listening to a lot of stuff that inspires me and helps me become a better music producer. So I’ve been listening a lot to how each instrument sounds, how the vocals are delivered, and what the “vibe” is.

I hope it helps. Lets get to the music…

“Pumped up Kicks” – 3TEETH

“Our Requiem” – Winds of Pleague

“Don’t Go Outside” – Poppy

“Angel With The Scabbed Wings” – Marilyn Manson

Hey guys! Inviere here and I hope you all are doing good. With all the craziness going on I’ve been listening to a lot more music, and I wanted to keep busy. So here is what I’ve been listening to recently in no particular order.

I know shits crazy. But if you’re feeling like you need to talk to someone please don’t be afraid to get help. Things will get better soon. Lets get to the list.

“Terminal Sex” – Shakewell ft. Pouya

“Killing 2 birds with 22 stones” – $uicideboy$

“Feel Something” – ILLENIUM, Excision, I Prevail

“Mindreader” – A Day to Remember

Audio Sample

Hey guys! I hope everyone is doing okay, and that you are staying safe and staying healthy! In this post I wanted to share with you all my latest sample pack, “808 Subs & Kicks”.

This is my first sample pack that I’ve made available for purchase, and I wanted to share it here on the website. The sample pack includes 10 808 Sub bass samples, and 10 Kick drum samples. These are some of my go-to samples when I want some low-end rumble and punch.

Purchase today and add these to your productions!

“808 subs & kicks” Demo Sample pack

- 10 808 Sub Bass Samples - 10 Kick Drum Samples - WAV format - 24 bit, one-shot Samples