JamMan Express Stereo Looper! (review)


Purchase from Amazon here! – https://amzn.to/2MoOTkg

JamMan Express


  • 10 minutes of Stereo recording time
  • True-bypass
  • JamSync
  • Silent Clear
  • Separate LEDs for Record, Overdub, and Play Status
  • Unlimited Overdubs with Undo and Redo
  • Works with 9V battery or 9VDC Power Supply (sold separately)
  • Durable metal chassis and foot switch
  • 24-bit 44.1kHz sample rate

I’ve been using this pedal for a while now, and I have nothing but amazing results with it. In this edition I want to share with you all my review of the DigiTech Jamman Express looper pedal. Simple to use, and quick to learn. This pedal has helped me create music faster and helped me improve my playing as well. Lets get it!

Here’s a Video of my First Looper Jam!

Start making music Fast!

Once you connect the pedal, you’re ready to start making music. No complicated controls to learn, or complex set up. Connect your guitar into the input, and run straight into your amp or DI box for recording. Use a power supply to make sure you can keep playing for as long as you want! The 9 volt battery (comes included!) lasts for about 2 hours, but you’ll want to run this pedal with a power supply. The unit comes with two inputs, and two outputs if you want more flexibility with your sound.

Making your first loops…

Live looping can be hard at first, but with practice it becomes like second nature. If you’re used to recording your own music, you might be able to pick it up faster. When you create a loop, you’re making a recording of your playing. So if you are already familiar with recording yourself, it might be easier for you.

When making good loops, it helps if you have a good sense of rhythm and can count your bars. Once you play your first phrase (about 4 or 8 bars) you can start recording your loop. To do this step on the switch once. When recording, the built in LED will show a solid Red light. I like to play what I’m going to loop a few times before I start recording. This helps me make sure I’m playing everything right, and helps the loop remain tight and on time. After you record your first loop, step on the switch once more to stop the recording and begin playback. The pedal does this for you, so there is no gap in the time. Now you have your first loop! You can play over the loop, or add layers with overdubbing.

Overdubbing your loop…

Now that you have a killer loop recorded, you can roll your volume controls up and solo over the recording! But if you want to add more to your masterpiece, you can do this by “Overdubbing”. When you create an overdub, you are layering recordings on top of each other. This can “thicken” your original recording, or you can add melodies as well.

To start your overdub, step on the switch once more while the first loop is playing. This will turn on the yellow, or amber LED. You’re going to want to be ready to play once you start recording your overdub. when finished playing the extra parts, press the switch once more to resume your loop. You can record as many loops as you want. My only word of caution here is that you can only un-do one level of recordings. This means that if you record an overdub, and then record another one, you will only be able to un-do the second over dub. The first overdub you played will still be there. If you try to erase the first dub the pedal will bring back the erased loop. If you commit to recording overdubs, you need to remember you can only erase the most recent recording!

If you don’t like what’s recorded, you can Un-do your overdub as easy as recording it! To un-do your overdub, press and hold the switch down for about 2 seconds. This will make the yellow LED begin to flash. This enables an amazing feature only found on DigiTech loopers, “Silent Clear”. This feature lets you erase the overdubs, and main recording without the loop playing. This is an AWESOME feature, because it doesn’t ruin your live show or studio recordings. This makes playing loops with this pedal super smooth live, and helps keep the show flowing.

Ending your loop and erasing…

Now that you have created your loop with overdubs, it’s time to finish your song. This part is a little tricky at first because your timing has to be spot on. To end your loops you need to do a “Double-tap” on the foot switch. This means pressing the foot switch twice, and playing the ending to your song. I find it best to do the double-tap in beat with the song. This helps you mentally prepare to play the outro of your song while still remaining in time with the loop. This can be hard at first, but with practice you’ll get it!


There you have it! A quick and painless intro and review of the DigiTech Jamman looper pedal. If you would like to get one of your own, I’ve placed a link to Amazon below. I’ve also included links to some more sweet equipment I suggest using with your Looper.

Purchase your DigiTech Jamman here! – https://amzn.to/2CQp8WD

If you are new to guitar and want to learn how to play, I’ve included a link to a six month prepaid gift card for Fender Play. Fender Play is an online guitar course for beginners taught by the amazing people at Fender. I highly suggest starting your musical journey with the people at Fender. You’ll be learning everything you need to start playing guitar, and your favorite songs as well. I’ll be working on a more in depth review of Fender play later this month, so come back once that’s posted!

If you have questions about the looper pedal, or any of the stuff we covered in this post make sure to leave a comment below! Thanks again for visiting the blog and make sure to subscribe for future posts! Until next time keep the fight alive!

Additional Gear!

Fender Play

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Donner Dp-1 Guitar Pedal Power Supply

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Inviere’s Guitar Upgrades

Whats up world? It’s Inviere here with some news from the studio. As some of you may know, I have been slowly bringing back the guitar arsenal, and updating each axe so they can be used to record my new album. Now, I plan to have a new series of posts that detail all the different upgrades and modifications to all the equipment in the studio. I also plan on documenting the production of the album to give you guys an inside look as well as a chance to add some new content for the site. You can look forward to some new video blogs, some new podcasts as well as new music as soon as it’s created! Before I get to ahead of myself, let me tell you all about the most recent upgrade.


Continue Reading…