Local Flavor: Pecan Festival

Whats good everyone?! It’s Inviere here, and in this edition I want to share with you some amazing local flavor! James Doom and I were in town for the first annual Pecan Festival in Mesilla, NM and were able to check out the historic plaza and some of the amazing local vendors. Roll with us as we check out the local flavor, scope the scene and enjoy a super chilled Saturday afternoon. Let’s Get it!

Now, this event was a new thing in the area. This was the first annual Pecan Festival, and don’t quote me on the name. But there was a lot at this event and spanned the main road through the town of Mesilla. There was a county fair type event at the local high school, and a car show in the parking lot of city hall. We stuck around the plaza and checked out the local shops and taverns in the area.

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Kutt Calhoun and Twisted Insane LIVE!

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Kutt Calhoun and Twisted Insane LIVE!

Some Photos from the live event! Photos by: Inviere


Recent memories (Photo set)

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Photo set: 04-08-2016

Photos by: Juggla and Inviere


Hey what’s up and good morning to all the amazing readers and listeners out there! As always it’s Inviere, and on a super chilled Sunday morning I hope you all are doing well. In this edition I bring you a bran new PHOTO SET!! I know it’s been a while since I posted up some photos for everyone, so I wanted to upload some craziness for you to check out. This collection is from a few recent shows with the crew, including some in Las Cruces, NM and El Paso, TX. So kick back, burn one and enjoy! Continue reading

PHOTO SET – “Inner Demons” Self Portraits


Hey wastelanders, its Inviere here with another photo set. This time things are a little different, no sexy ladies, just some experimental stuff I did in the studio.

I had an idea for this shoot brewing in my head for a while now, so I was more than happy to finally be able to do it. So I hope you enjoy the new set and if you have any questions on how I did this shoot please don’t be afraid to leave a comment below.

Until next time kiddos, keep you blades sharp and your skills sharper!


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