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This is a small clip from the upcoming video for my dear friend Aeon (aka @SinisterMinisterSmith).

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So you think you can rap? – Video Contest

So you think you can rap? – Video Contest

Aeon’s Video Entry

Before I get started, let me ask you something, do you think you can rap? Well, in this edition my dear friend Aeon (aka Sinister Minister Smith) gives us a clear answer to that very question. Whats up my wonderful readers?! It’s Inviere here, and I want to share with you a video we shot last weekend for Murder Music’s “So you think you can rap?” video contest. Aeon came up to me and asked if we could get down and shoot a video for his entry. After a night of shooting and a day of editing we have what you see above!

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“You Got what it Takes” – Rap Competition Part V & VI

Hey what’s up?!? Greetings to to all the readers and listeners throughout the globe! Inviere here, and I hope all is well! In this edition we conclude the series that kicked off this summers events! We pick up in episode 5 and then we take a look at the after party in episode 6. So kick back, relax and see the start of it all! Continue reading

“You Got what it Takes” – Rap Competition Part III & IV

Hey whats up my most excellent readers and listeners?!? It’s Inviere here and I hope that you all are doing well!! I’m back again with another edition of the “You Got what it Takes” Rap competition! In this edition I bring you the next episodes in the series, and we take another look at some more behind the scenes freshness, as well as a performance by Aeon with Prometheus! We have more episodes to come and more dope clips coming to you all! So kick back, crack open a cold one and check out Episode III & IV!
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