NEW TRACK! “It’s Goin Down” (Ft. Don Grim & Joseph Inviere

I’m happy to share with you all the new single that I have the pleasure of being featured on.

“It’s Goin Down” is the new release from my Brother James Doom and fellow Las Cruces Rapper, Don Grim of TNM. I was featured on the hook, and I’m happy to be able to bring my own vibe to the song. The song is about having a good time, having some drinks, and having some good smoke to make the night right!

If you’re a fan of smooth hip-hop and Rap, you want to save this to your playlist and add it to your Soundcloud favorites.

This is a Soundcloud exclusive, so make sure to follow my Brother, James Doom and Don Grim of TNM, as well as my own Soundcloud channel Joseph Inviere.

Beat Produced by Sho-down

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EMP Music – “Ridin’ Real Slow”

“Ridin’ Real Slow” Ft. Joseph Inviere

New track by Jesse Tha Juggla AKA James Doom, featuring Joseph Inviere off the upcoming mixxtape “The Autopsy”. Beat Prod. Ric And Thadeus

Hey whats up everyone?! Inviere here, back again with another dope track for everyone to vibe out to! In this edition I wanted to share a newer track from James Doom and myself (EMP Music). We recently shared this one online and have been playing it live in our new set. Lets get into, “Ridin’ Real Slow”!

We recently released this track on soundcloud and have been experimenting with adding it to our new live sets. “Ridin’ Real Slow” is another banger! Slow, loud and filled with bass! Major shoutout to the producers Ric and Thadeus! This track is one that I’m proud to be featured on, and I was really happy with the final mix.

Thanks again, and make sure to like and share the track if you dig “Ridin’ Real Slow”! Hope you all have an amazing day, keep the fight alive!


Legion Ov Doom – “Creepin Up (Late Night)”

“Creepin Up (Late Night)” By Legion Ov Doom

New Track from the super-group Legion Ov Doom

Yo yo! Whats good everyone?! Inviere here, and in this edition we get a little crazy as we jump into a track from the Legion ov Doom! The Cruces Super-group consisting of members from AD6 and EMP music, Legion Ov Doom drops some serious skills on “Creepin Up (Late Night)”. Lets get into the track!

As mentioned, LOD (Legion Ov Doom) is made up of members from Las Cruces hip-hop group’s EMP Music and AD6. The group is currently in the process of working on tracks that feature all of the members slated for possible release summer of 2017. This track is one of my favorite tracks to play live when all the members are present. “Creepin Up” is one that can hype up the crowd and start some movement!

I hope you can dig this track and I hope to play it live for everyone one day! For now make sure to show some to the Legion Ov Doom on their soundcloud…


James Doom – “Doin My Thang” Ft. Joseph Inviere (Produced By Me$$iah Beat$)

“Doin My Thang” James Doom Ft. Joseph Inviere

Produced by Me$$iah Beat$

Classic Track by James Doom Ft. Joseph Inviere

Hey whats up everyone? Inviere here! In this edition I continue going over all the past tracks we have done over the years. I wanted to share another track by James Doom and I called, “Doing My Thang”. This track was produced by Me$$iah Beat$, and is still one of our favorite tracks to play live!

This track and other tracks are going to be a part of a collection slated for CD release. I plan on having the CD’s completed later this year, but I am making a list of all the tracks I planning on releasing. “Doing My Thang” is for sure a track to get you pumped, and I hope you all like it and would like to see it on the up coming CD release. Comment your thoughts below.

Thanks again and have great evening!