Featured Playlist – “This is Horrorcore”


Need Something Dark and Wicked? Like showers of Orange Soda and Face Paint? Then this is your list!! Cover: King Gordy and Bizarre


We all have a dark side. We all have a need to express a wickeder side of our personality. If you are like me (and not like some serial killer) you get all these feelings out of your system with some new and classic “Horrorcore” Music. In this edition I share with you all my latest playlist featuring some of my favorite Horrorcore artists. So queue up your Spotify players and lets get to it!

Now, if the first thing that comes to your head is, “What the Hell is Horrorcore” then you might want to keep reading. Horrorcore is a sub-genre of Hip Hop based on Horror Themes and Dark Imagery. Think of the old 1980’s Slasher Movies placed over a dope beat. Horrorcore differs from Gangsta Rap mostly because unlike Gangsta Rap (which talks about Urban Violence), Horrorcore delves beyond the realm of realistic urban violence to the point where the violent lyrics become gruesome, ghoulish, and unsettling.

I have been a fan of this genre for a while now, and in fact some of my earlier projects and current projects with the Legion Ov Doom (a supergroup made up of AD6 and EMP) are based in this genre.

Now this list is by no means a definitive collection of every Horrorcore band or song. This is more of a collection of songs that show the diversity of the lyrics used in this type of music. Often the music can be dark and intense, but some artists tend to use humor to ease the tension. So, if you are brave enough to try something new and expand your tastes, queue up this playlist and take a trip to the dark side!

As always, follow the playlist for updates and add some of the songs to your personal library. Leave a comment if this music is TOO much for you, or (if you’re like me) leave a comment requesting more music!