Beat Blog 07-25-2020

Hey guys! Thanks for dropping by the website, I hope you all are still staying safe. Things have been going okay. I’m still working on things on my side of the web. So no complaints here!

In this edition, I wanted to share with you all another quick video update. I’m really proud of this video because I feel like I made some progress! I have been working on improving my composing skills and adding more details to my music.

This session started out pretty basic. Some strings, sub-bass, and a basic beat. Nothing to write home about, but after a few listens I started focusing on the string composition. It grew slowly and I tried to think like a classical composer and get out of the “loop” style of producing.

I hope you enjoy the video! I’ll be posting more of these videos over the next few days as well as some new music and beats for sale.

Thanks again and I’ll see you soon!


Hey guys, I just wanted to share a quick video I did last night. I have been working on perfecting my Ableton live sessions, and I made some progress last night.

In this video, I was able to get a good guitar loop laid down and build a good foundation to practice some leads. I used my Behringer FCB 1010 MIDI controller to do most of the work, and I also used my trusty Akai APC Key 25 to knock out the drums.

Overall, the song is another chilled vibe. I liked that I was able to do some cool riffs over the base loop, and that I was able to drop a beat really quick. This was the 3rd or 4th time I ran through the song. So it only took about 20 min to build an idea and make it a foundation of a new song. That’s really quick for me!

So I hope you all enjoy the vibe! Cheers!