Vector Vaquero Takes a Dip

Happy Monday everyone! In this edition I wanted to share some stuff from the other side of my life. As an artist, we tend to work in a variety of different mediums. For me, this usually consists of Video, and Music. But I have been known to use my artistic passion in other forms as well.

The above image is the work in progress for a poster design that will be used by my local government’s Vector Control Department. These guys are the first line of defense we have against all the flying insects and the diseases they carry. My local Vector Control Department are currently working hard to inform the public about how to prevent large outbreaks of Mosquitoes in the southern New Mexico area.

In addition to limiting yard waste and standing water (a breeding ground for Mosquitoes), the Vector Control department is spreading the word about alternatives to pesticides and mass spraying. These alternatives to heavy chemical use, is one that comes from Mother Nature, and has been used for over 100 years! I’m talking about the good old Gambusia Minnows!

These little fish’s primary source of food, is you guessed it Mosquitoes and their larva! By placing these minnows in your pond, irrigation ditches, and watering holes we are able to stop the Mosquitoes from breeding. This is an amazing alternative to using harsh pesticides and chemicals.

For more information about how to keep the mosquito population down in your area contact your local Vector Control department. Keep an eye out for more posts about all the cool stuff I get to work on with EMP music, Inviere Entertainment, and my day job! I will be posting the finished product soon!


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