So, I have released my last two projects on all the major streaming platforms and online stores. I have also released music in physical form on CD’s, DVD’s and even a few USB drives! But times do change, and as artists we need to keep ahead of the game. I want to share with you a special offer from the amazing people at DistroKid! If you want to save some of your hard earned cash, and want a fast and easy way to get your music out there…KEEP reading!

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DistroKid is the easiest way for musicians to get music into iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, and more.

I like to consider myself a “go-getter”. Someone that has the will and the capability to get things done. You should think of yourself as the same! So when I wanted to release my music on all the platforms my favorite artists were on, I hit the ground running! I did my homework and I looked around. I did what you all should be doing, looking for the best way to achieve your goals!

During the time I was doing my research, I came across tons of different Aggregators. That’s a big’o fancy word for the middle man between you and the majors like Spotify and iTunes. These companies help you submit your music to all the major platforms. Some platforms only accept submissions via Aggregators (iTunes, Spotify, Tidal and so on). So you would need to be in contact with these Aggregators to even THINK of submitting your music.

While I was looking into all these different options, I did what you all do as well, shop around. These sites are different, and many have different features than the rest. I narrowed it down along the way, but I continue to use different Aggregators. Each for different features and perks. You should do your own research and as always, find what is best for you!

Distrokid Main page

Become official when you sign up and upload you music!

Now, let’s get to the good stuff!

So let’s get real for a second. I know what you’re thinking, “Why would Inviere want to help all-of-a-sudden?” Well a little disclosure on my part. I have used DistroKid for the past year now. I have looked over all the fine print, and have tried my best to get a good understanding of this company. Over the past year I have not had any major issues with them, and they seem to be solid. So, for me to put this much into something, should prove that this is not a scheme. DistroKid has many features that are great for up and coming musicians. I’ll get into that later on, but one of these features is the referral program.

What is the Referral program? Well when a major company wants to expand its customer base. They give incentives to their users, that share their service. This is like other services and games where you invite your friends to sign up in return for perks. But this is no game, and this is not for entertainment! This is to help give you (the artist) a chance to get your music where you want it. This is a chance to move your career further, and a chance to step up to another level. Do I get something out of this? Sure. Is it something major, no. What is it exactly? It’s a chance for me to earn extra income, while getting the word out about a product that has helped me.

Still interested?

Well the best way for me to get this link to you is through my mailing list. Once you sign up for my email list, you will get updates on how to manage your music, and TONS of more stuff. If starting your musical journey is important to you, and you want to get your music out there, let me help you do this!

The link below is to sign up for my mailing list. Once you sign up, confirm your email address, and once confirmed I will send you the link to sign up for Distrokid. This will be the link you will use to sign up for Distrokid. Once you have created your account, you will receive a 7% discount on your subscription. I know your email is valuable information and I will guard it with my life! But when you sign up, it will be TOTALLY WORTH IT!

Click this image to get your discount!!!

Once you’re signed up, you will need to select your subscription. Below you can see what the different subscriptions offer. Which on you select is up to you, and the discount will apply to all of them. Once you have selected your subscription, you’re set! All you will need to do will be to check out and upload your music!

Distrokid Plans

Multiple Plans available for artists of all levels!

I will work on some exclusive e-books that will go over how to plan your releases, and how to upload your music. These are only available for the people that signup for the email list. This content will not be available anywhere else!

Thanks for sticking with me to the end of the post, and if you came this far I hope you sign up for the mailing list and take advantage of this offer!

Make sure to comment this post if you have any questions regarding this program or if you have any issues once you’re signed up!




What really matters.

I haven’t washed my car in a few weeks. Well, in all honesty it’s probably been longer than that. But does this mean I don’t love my car? No, of course not. It’s been a while since I played my guitar, and watered my plants in the back yard. All of these things are things that I love, but may have forgotten about in the past few weeks. In this edition I want to explore the idea of focusing on what really matters, and getting back to them with a newfound joy and appreciation.

Sometimes the things we love get neglected, or even forgotten about for a short time. This isn’t because we stop loving or enjoying them. We just get lost in the moment and get distracted by whatever may come our way. For some of us this is work, and trying to be the best employee, or boss. For others it could be a new family that takes our attention away from hobbies or nights out with friends. Whatever it may be, we tend to loose sight of what we once cared so deeply for.

I am no different.

In many ways I have let a few things slip here and there, and have gotten lost in the process of living life. This happens to all of us and there is no reason to be upset about it. But what gets me down about myself is that I see the things I once loved being neglected, and my lack of time (or dedication) to keeping them well maintained.

I tend to beat myself up about a lot of things. From not showing my Girlfriends dog enough love, to not wearing certain articles of clothing. Call me strange, but I feel bad when I don’t do certain things I know I should! Even the small stuff! So whats the solution? It’s simple…get back to loving them! (easier said than done…)

For me once I see that I have been neglecting things, it’s almost…almost to late. I say “almost”, because it is never too late to show appreciation. I discover what the most important things are in my life by how I feel about them. Do I feel bad when I don’t get a thousand likes on a post? No, not really…(even though it would be awesome!) So I don’t feel bad when I skip a facebook post or a instagram worthy moment. What makes me feel bad, is when I see a plant dying in my back yard or when I see a thin film of dust on a guitar because it hasn’t been played. These things make me feel bad because I care about them. So when I see that my Mom or my Brother are down, I try to visit them and ask them how they have been. I try and be a part of their lives even when I live across town and don’t speak to them everyday like I used to. When I see my Girlfriends dog dying to play fetch, I throw the stuffed taco across the room a few times until he gets tired. I make effort to to show my love for the things I have been missing, and you should too!


Me, my Mom and Brother sharing a cold beer!

I know it’s hard to make time for things. But in simple terms, if you love something show it! It’s as simple as that.

Life is hard, and no one said it was gonna be easy. But we can make this journey the best it can be with a few fun things, and a few people we love. So if you feel bad about neglecting things, make an effort to reconnect. Make an effort to get back to what makes you happy, and get back to your passions! It will help you in the long run, and will make you live longer it’s a fact! (Read more here)

Thanks for reading this far and for visiting the site. Please leave your stories about reconnecting with a forgotten passion, or friends and family in the comments below! I love to read about how reconnecting with what matters has effected your life! Subscribe to the blog for more cool stuff and I hope to hear from you soon!


After The Storm…

When I first heard the news about Aria, I was excited and nervous all at the same time. I was happy to begin this journey with my love and start a new chapter in both our lives…

Sadly that came to an end before we began, and it still hurts to this day. But after every storm, there is light and a new beginning. Now only a few months after leaving, Aria has watched over us and sent us her little brother!

We get to begin our journey once more, and this time we have a little angel making sure we are taken care of. To anyone that has lost their gift, only to receive a second chance, it’s hard but we must always carry on.

Thank you all for your love, thoughts and prayers. I am honored and thankful to receive this gift.




Vector Vaquero Takes a Dip

Happy Monday everyone! In this edition I wanted to share some stuff from the other side of my life. As an artist, we tend to work in a variety of different mediums. For me, this usually consists of Video, and Music. But I have been known to use my artistic passion in other forms as well.

The above image is the work in progress for a poster design that will be used by my local government’s Vector Control Department. These guys are the first line of defense we have against all the flying insects and the diseases they carry. My local Vector Control Department are currently working hard to inform the public about how to prevent large outbreaks of Mosquitoes in the southern New Mexico area.

In addition to limiting yard waste and standing water (a breeding ground for Mosquitoes), the Vector Control department is spreading the word about alternatives to pesticides and mass spraying. These alternatives to heavy chemical use, is one that comes from Mother Nature, and has been used for over 100 years! I’m talking about the good old Gambusia Minnows!

These little fish’s primary source of food, is you guessed it Mosquitoes and their larva! By placing these minnows in your pond, irrigation ditches, and watering holes we are able to stop the Mosquitoes from breeding. This is an amazing alternative to using harsh pesticides and chemicals.

For more information about how to keep the mosquito population down in your area contact your local Vector Control department. Keep an eye out for more posts about all the cool stuff I get to work on with EMP music, Inviere Entertainment, and my day job! I will be posting the finished product soon!


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