Joseph Inviere: Recording Artist, Music Producer & Graphic Designer.


Everything started when I wanted to learn how to play the guitar. After a few bands, I started producing my own music at home and began experimenting with my own sound. I soon put together my first albums and began to hone my craft. I focused on learning as much as I could about music and the changing music industry.

I work quietly at Inviere Entertainment as the sole proprietor and operator. My brother works with me as the other half of EMP Music to help promote and book events. We work, we play, and we do it all independent and for ourselves.

It’s been a journey getting here and there is tons more out there! I want to invite you to explore this path with me! I’m still working, and learning more and more each day and I’m far from done! Let’s see where this life takes us!

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As always, be safe and keep the fight alive!