Spotify Discography

Welcome to my Spotify discography!

I wanted to create a single place to find all my music that is currently featured on Spotify. I decided to make this page to give a little more detail about each project. Each project is something very special to me, and I have put a lot of work into them. So being able to share them for you all is an incredible honor.

Some projects are re-releases, and some are new projects only available on Spotify. I wanted to share some older songs, so you could get an idea of where I’ve been and where I want to go. My plan with my content on Spotify is to build up a diverse library of my best projects and share them all with the world.

Every one of these songs are available to stream for free, and to place in your personal playlists. If you are a Spotify user, make sure to pick out your favorites and add them to your playlist! You can also use the button below to follow my artist profile. Once you become a follower, you will receive updates every time I upload a song to Spotify!

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I have worked hard to get my music out there, and I am so excited to share it with you. It has been a long journey to get to this point, and I am far from done! Thanks in advance for listening to the music, and for visiting my website!


“Lost In Illusion” – 2018

Originally released on Soundcloud way back in 2011-2012, “Lost In Illusion” is one of my first experimental albums that helped me develop my sound. This album was too much fun creating, and really helped me get my feet wet producing and writing vocal parts.

I experimented a lot with sounds, vocal textures and lyrical themes. This album will always be close to my heart because it helped me get over a lot of performance anxiety, and helped me build my singing voice.

Read more about the album here…

“The Black Blood: Sinner 2012” – 2018

My second album released called, “The Black Blood: Sinner 2012” was originally released on Soundcloud back in October of 2012. This album is much darker than my previous works, and I wanted to create a series of albums with the title “The Black Blood”. This first album of the series was an intro into the group of concept albums I wanted to produce.

The album deals with dark themes, including the corruption of our youth and approaching doom. This album is filled with lots of amazing music, and features some of my favorite beats I’ve composed over the years. “The Black Blood” is one of my favorites because I rapped for most of the songs in contrast to my other albums and singles where I sing.

If you’re craving something dark, listen to “The Black Blood” now!


“Tell me I’m Wrong” – 2017

Early in 2017 I purchased my first new guitar in a really long time. I had been falling out of practice and I wanted to get back into playing guitar once more. I had always played electric guitar, so when I went looking for a new guitar to play again I decided on something different. I eventually purchased an acoustic guitar from my local guitar store, and I fell in love with the sound!

After getting used to the new guitar and knocking the dust of off my skills, I eventually purchased another key piece of equipment, a Looper FX’s pedal. These little gadgets allow you to record your instrument while still preforming, allowing you to accompany yourself when other musicians aren’t available. This helped me write the guitar parts and the lyrics for, “Tell Me I’m Wrong”.

This song is the latest release from 2017, and I hope you save it to your library and put it in all your playlists!

“Should Have Said” – 2017

Another recent release is, “Should Have Said”. This song was releases early in 2017, and was my first single that was release on major platforms. I was SO excited to release this song, not only because this was the first song to make it onto Spotify and iTunes, but because of who I wrote it about. This song is about my Father, and I wrote it to deal with his passing. “Should Have Said” says it all.

I guess it’s a universal feeling to want to clear things up with loved ones. Unfortunately, my father passed before he could see my music career take off. But I know that with this song out there in the universe, he knows how far I’ve come. This song is not meant to be sad, or filled with regret. I want this song to be more of a closing to a chapter in life.

I hope you enjoy the song, “Should Have Said”!