We will be okay…

This post is going to be hard. It’s going to be hard, but I need to make it.

The last few months have been a roller-coaster ride of emotions, and things finally came to a head in these past weeks. I never thought that I would be in this position, but I’m thankful to be here.

As some of you know, my girlfriend and I have been expecting our first child together. Finding out that we were going to be parents was an amazing feeling. I was so happy, and I was excited to be starting this new journey with my partner.

Unfortunately, our journey came to an end unexpectedly.

Our Daughter, Aria Sky, was born preterm and passed away shortly after coming into this world.

Ten fingers, and ten toes, a beauty mark on her left cheek, and a heart that wouldn’t stop. She was perfect, and she was our everything. I held her in my arms, and her tiny body was the most precious thing. But she was not meant for this world, and was called home before we got to know her.

I’ve held back from talking about what happened, and I’m still trying to get over everything. It’s been two weeks now, and I am building up the strength to talk about it. My mind has been focused on my girlfriend, and making sure she is taken care of. I deal with death and losing people differently than most people, but I have been trying to stay positive.

A big part of me is not sad, but angry at what happened. I am trying my best not to let the anger get to me, but it’s slowly fading away. I get sad once and a while, but I’m comforted that we have an angel looking over us.

I know she is in a better place, but I miss her and I wonder what she would have done…

Thanks for listening…



Never Doubt yourself

Man wins over judges!

Nerves couldn’t stop Christopher from delivering an amazing performance on the UK X-Factor!

Good morning everyone! Inviere here, back at it again! I hope your week was amazing and that your weekend wasn’t too crazy! In this edition I wanted to share this amazing video from the UK X-Factor, as well as some positive vibes to start off your week! Let’s Do this!

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EMP Music – “Ridin’ Real Slow”

“Ridin’ Real Slow” Ft. Joseph Inviere

New track by Jesse Tha Juggla AKA James Doom, featuring Joseph Inviere off the upcoming mixxtape “The Autopsy”. Beat Prod. Ric And Thadeus

Hey whats up everyone?! Inviere here, back again with another dope track for everyone to vibe out to! In this edition I wanted to share a newer track from James Doom and myself (EMP Music). We recently shared this one online and have been playing it live in our new set. Lets get into, “Ridin’ Real Slow”!

We recently released this track on soundcloud and have been experimenting with adding it to our new live sets. “Ridin’ Real Slow” is another banger! Slow, loud and filled with bass! Major shoutout to the producers Ric and Thadeus! This track is one that I’m proud to be featured on, and I was really happy with the final mix.

Thanks again, and make sure to like and share the track if you dig “Ridin’ Real Slow”! Hope you all have an amazing day, keep the fight alive!


James Doom – “Let’s Smoke” Ft Joseph Inviere

“Let’s Smoke” – Ft Joseph Inviere

Classic Track by James Doom and Joseph Inviere (EMP Music)

Hey! Whats up everyone? Inviere here, wishing you a happy, and prosperous new year! Hope all your holidays were awesome, and that you are starting the new year well! I’m happy to be back and blogging! In this edition I wanted to share one of my favorite old-school tracks. lets get to it!

“Let’s Smoke”, is such a classic for me, dating back to 2013! I remember when I was experimenting with the talk box, and really wanted to nail it down. This track was one of the early recordings that we put together with this new technique. Take a listen!

Another classic jam to roll up and vibe out to, “Let’s Smoke” is a track I always have on a road trip or any time I might enjoy a smoke. I hope you can dig the song and add it to your playlist, or when you need something with a mellow vibe!

Thanks again and I hope y’all enjoy the track! Happy new year and be safe!


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