How do I succeed as a musician?

This is a question that I am often asked, and it’s one that I love to answer! It shows me that the person asking dedicates themselves to their craft. That alone is amazing, and I love to help those people. Here are five tips on how you can be a successful musician…Cheers!

1. Believe in yourself.

This is such an important quality for any artist! Without belief in your own talent and ability, nobody else will believe in you either. When people see your confidence, they are more likely to invest their time and energy into supporting you.

2. Work hard.

Talent alone won’t get you very far. Success comes from putting in the hard work day after day even when you don’t feel like it. When you show up with 100% effort people will start to take notice of your dedication. This could lead to more opportunities coming your way.

3. Be open minded.

It’s essential as musicians that we never stop learning. Whether its taking lessons, or feedback from others who may have more experience than us . If somebody offers constructive criticism, always remember they want what’s best for growth. So don’t take everything personally. Accept what makes sense and move forward.

4. Know Your Why.

Being clear on WHY YOU DO WHAT YOU DO is crucial part! There will be times where things gets tough. Because at end the day the long hours and the late nights should all be worth something. Have a clear vision of how you want to live your life and dedicate yourself to fulfilling that vision. Like a war, always focus on completing your mission.

5. Create A Great Team Around You.

Success seldom happens by chance. Having supportive friends, family members & a solid team goes along way. Try and create a positive environment around you, so others gravitate to you. Having other talented people around you is an opportunity to get better at your craft. You become known by association. Associate yourself with great people, and you too become great.