Don’t be these 3 guys!

Wanna approach that cute girl but don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable? All you got to do is avoid being these three types of guys!

The first one is “the lurker”. This guy stares instead of approaching. Don’t stare. Instead use the two second rule. The two second rule is you see her, and within two seconds you go up and approach her. That’s it! If you don’t know what to say, the best thing to do is talk about what you’re feeling.  Example, “Yep, this is weird that I’m approaching you at a coffee shop. But I know that if I didn’t, I would be thinking about how I missed an opportunity all day! Hi I’m Joseph”. The sincerity will come off as endearing!

The second type is “the Inquisitor”.  This guy interrogates the girl instead of talking with her. This guy has an agenda. But what’s worse he never reveals any information about himself. His goal is to keep her talking right up until she’s in his bedroom, but that’s not how that works, is it? This guy only cares about the outcome, not getting to know you.

And three “the bulldozer”. This guy keeps trying to escalate even after she’s dodged all his past advances. He doesn’t read the room or her body language. If she dodges one of your advances, go back to adding value to the conversation. And if she starts showing you interest, don’t be so quick to rush to escalation. This can come off as desperate. The element of self-control is very sexy.

Avoid being these guys and you’ll never have to worry about making a girl feel uncomfortable. And as always, I hope this is helpful!