5 Steps if Exposed to a Contagious Agent

If survivors have been exposed to a contagious agent and are a risk to the general population, it is important to take steps to prevent the spread of the disease. Here are some guidelines for handling this situation:

1) Isolate the survivors: To prevent the spread of the disease, it is important to isolate the survivors from the general population. This can be done by setting up a separate area or facility where they can be cared for and treated.

2) Follow proper infection control guidelines: To prevent the spread of the disease, it is important to follow proper infection control guidelines, such as washing hands frequently and wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) when caring for the survivors.

3) Monitor the survivors’ health: It is important to closely monitor the survivors’ health to ensure that they are receiving the necessary care and treatment.

4) Communicate with public health authorities: It is important to communicate with public health authorities to keep them informed about the situation and to get guidance on how to handle the situation.

5) Educate the public: It is important to educate the public about the disease and how to prevent its spread. This can be done through public health campaigns and by providing information to the media.

By following these guidelines, you can help to prevent the spread of the disease and protect the general population.