What really matters.

I haven’t washed my car in a few weeks. Well, in all honesty it’s probably been longer than that. But does this mean I don’t love my car? No, of course not. It’s been a while since I played my guitar, and watered my plants in the back yard. All of these things are things that I love, but may have forgotten about in the past few weeks. In this edition I want to explore the idea of focusing on what really matters, and getting back to them with a newfound joy and appreciation.

Sometimes the things we love get neglected, or even forgotten about for a short time. This isn’t because we stop loving or enjoying them. We just get lost in the moment and get distracted by whatever may come our way. For some of us this is work, and trying to be the best employee, or boss. For others it could be a new family that takes our attention away from hobbies or nights out with friends. Whatever it may be, we tend to loose sight of what we once cared so deeply for.

I am no different.

In many ways I have let a few things slip here and there, and have gotten lost in the process of living life. This happens to all of us and there is no reason to be upset about it. But what gets me down about myself is that I see the things I once loved being neglected, and my lack of time (or dedication) to keeping them well maintained.

I tend to beat myself up about a lot of things. From not showing my Girlfriends dog enough love, to not wearing certain articles of clothing. Call me strange, but I feel bad when I don’t do certain things I know I should! Even the small stuff! So whats the solution? It’s simple…get back to loving them! (easier said than done…)

For me once I see that I have been neglecting things, it’s almost…almost to late. I say “almost”, because it is never too late to show appreciation. I discover what the most important things are in my life by how I feel about them. Do I feel bad when I don’t get a thousand likes on a post? No, not really…(even though it would be awesome!) So I don’t feel bad when I skip a facebook post or a instagram worthy moment. What makes me feel bad, is when I see a plant dying in my back yard or when I see a thin film of dust on a guitar because it hasn’t been played. These things make me feel bad because I care about them. So when I see that my Mom or my Brother are down, I try to visit them and ask them how they have been. I try and be a part of their lives even when I live across town and don’t speak to them everyday like I used to. When I see my Girlfriends dog dying to play fetch, I throw the stuffed taco across the room a few times until he gets tired. I make effort to to show my love for the things I have been missing, and you should too!


Me, my Mom and Brother sharing a cold beer!

I know it’s hard to make time for things. But in simple terms, if you love something show it! It’s as simple as that.

Life is hard, and no one said it was gonna be easy. But we can make this journey the best it can be with a few fun things, and a few people we love. So if you feel bad about neglecting things, make an effort to reconnect. Make an effort to get back to what makes you happy, and get back to your passions! It will help you in the long run, and will make you live longer it’s a fact! (Read more here)

Thanks for reading this far and for visiting the site. Please leave your stories about reconnecting with a forgotten passion, or friends and family in the comments below! I love to read about how reconnecting with what matters has effected your life! Subscribe to the blog for more cool stuff and I hope to hear from you soon!



After The Storm…

When I first heard the news about Aria, I was excited and nervous all at the same time. I was happy to begin this journey with my love and start a new chapter in both our lives…

Sadly that came to an end before we began, and it still hurts to this day. But after every storm, there is light and a new beginning. Now only a few months after leaving, Aria has watched over us and sent us her little brother!

We get to begin our journey once more, and this time we have a little angel making sure we are taken care of. To anyone that has lost their gift, only to receive a second chance, it’s hard but we must always carry on.

Thank you all for your love, thoughts and prayers. I am honored and thankful to receive this gift.




Parts truly unknown…


CRASH Teaser!!!


Check out the madness…

This is a small clip from the upcoming video for my dear friend Aeon (aka @SinisterMinisterSmith).

Stay tuned…



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