LIVE STREAM – PM Editing sessions

So last night I decided to try something new. I decided to live stream the last 15 minutes of my editing session last night. Nothing too fancy, just me working on “Crash”.

I really had fun doing this, and I might start doing more of these live streams.

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See you in the next episode!



Smoken’ it, Pourn’ it – Lyric video

I was going over some stuff on my YouTube channel and found this cool clip!

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Have a good weekend!!


“A Passive Rage”

Picture being locked in your rage with no way to express it. Imagine containing an explosion, and condensing it’s energy into something the size of a marble. Picture the frustration of having no vision, no sound and no voice. An itch you can’t scratch.

I present…

“A Passive Rage”


CRASH Teaser!!!


Check out the madness…

This is a small clip from the upcoming video for my dear friend Aeon (aka @SinisterMinisterSmith).

Stay tuned…