“A Passive Rage”

Picture being locked in your rage with no way to express it. Imagine containing an explosion, and condensing it’s energy into something the size of a marble. Picture the frustration of having no vision, no sound and no voice. An itch you can’t scratch.

I present…

“A Passive Rage”



CRASH Teaser!!!


Check out the madness…

This is a small clip from the upcoming video for my dear friend Aeon (aka @SinisterMinisterSmith).

Stay tuned…



Looper Jam 03-03-2018

Hey whats up everyone! I hope that you all are doing great, and that your Sunday is going even better! In this edition I wanted to share with you a video my brother and I put together yesterday. I had recently set up a new location in my home to film some video, and we wanted to test it out! So lets get to it!

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NEW VIDEO – “A Dismal Imaginary Place” Joseph Inviere

“A Dismal Imaginary Place” Joseph Inviere

New Short film by Joseph Inviere

The new film “A Dismal Imaginary Place” is a journey into a dark psychedelic world. The film uses a combination of visuals and audio to create an atmosphere worthy of it’s tittle. “A Dismal Imaginary Place” by definition is a dystopia. In the video, you can see how this theme influenced the visuals of the video. The persistent audio keeps the momentum moving forward while adding it’s own color to the final product.

I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed making it. I hope to make more short films like this in the future and I plan on releasing them here for all of you to enjoy! Please make sure to let me know what you think of the video in the comments below! Have a wonderful night and keep the fight alive!