Musical birthdays! 01/22

Wishing a few of my favorite musicians a very happy birthday! Today we celebrate the lives and works of a some musicians that helped bring happiness and joy to the world.

Happy birthday!

Steve Perry

1953, Born on this day, Steve Perry, vocals, Journey, (1982 US No.2 single ‘Open Arms’, solo 1984 US No.3 single, Oh, Sherrie’).


1960, Born on this day, Michael Hutchence, singer, songwriter from Australian rock band INXS, who had the 1988 UK No.2 & US No.1 single ‘Need You Tonight’. Sadly Hutchence was found dead in his hotel suite in Sydney on 22nd Nov 1997 age 37.


1965, Born on this day, DJ Jazzy Jeff, (1993 UK No.1 single ‘Boom! Shake The Room’).



So, I have released my last two projects on all the major streaming platforms and online stores. I have also released music in physical form on CD’s, DVD’s and even a few USB drives! But times do change, and as artists we need to keep ahead of the game. I want to share with you a special offer from the amazing people at DistroKid! If you want to save some of your hard earned cash, and want a fast and easy way to get your music out there…KEEP reading!

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I like to consider myself a “go-getter”. Someone that has the will and the capability to get things done. You should think of yourself as the same! So when I wanted to release my music on all the platforms my favorite artists were on, I hit the ground running! I did my homework and I looked around. I did what you all should be doing, looking for the best way to achieve your goals!

During the time I was doing my research, I came across tons of different Aggregators. That’s a big’o fancy word for the middle man between you and the majors like Spotify and iTunes. These companies help you submit your music to all the major platforms. Some platforms only accept submissions via Aggregators (iTunes, Spotify, Tidal and so on). So you would need to be in contact with these Aggregators to even THINK of submitting your music.

While I was looking into all these different options, I did what you all do as well, shop around. These sites are different, and many have different features than the rest. I narrowed it down along the way, but I continue to use different Aggregators. Each for different features and perks. You should do your own research and as always, find what is best for you!

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Now, let’s get to the good stuff!

So let’s get real for a second. I know what you’re thinking, “Why would Inviere want to help all-of-a-sudden?” Well a little disclosure on my part. I have used DistroKid for the past year now. I have looked over all the fine print, and have tried my best to get a good understanding of this company. Over the past year I have not had any major issues with them, and they seem to be solid. So, for me to put this much into something, should prove that this is not a scheme. DistroKid has many features that are great for up and coming musicians. I’ll get into that later on, but one of these features is the referral program.

What is the Referral program? Well when a major company wants to expand its customer base. They give incentives to their users, that share their service. This is like other services and games where you invite your friends to sign up in return for perks. But this is no game, and this is not for entertainment! This is to help give you (the artist) a chance to get your music where you want it. This is a chance to move your career further, and a chance to step up to another level. Do I get something out of this? Sure. Is it something major, no. What is it exactly? It’s a chance for me to earn extra income, while getting the word out about a product that has helped me.

Still interested?

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Make sure to comment this post if you have any questions regarding this program or if you have any issues once you’re signed up!



Featured Playlist – “This is Horrorcore”


Need Something Dark and Wicked? Like showers of Orange Soda and Face Paint? Then this is your list!! Cover: King Gordy and Bizarre


We all have a dark side. We all have a need to express a wickeder side of our personality. If you are like me (and not like some serial killer) you get all these feelings out of your system with some new and classic “Horrorcore” Music. In this edition I share with you all my latest playlist featuring some of my favorite Horrorcore artists. So queue up your Spotify players and lets get to it!

Now, if the first thing that comes to your head is, “What the Hell is Horrorcore” then you might want to keep reading. Horrorcore is a sub-genre of Hip Hop based on Horror Themes and Dark Imagery. Think of the old 1980’s Slasher Movies placed over a dope beat. Horrorcore differs from Gangsta Rap mostly because unlike Gangsta Rap (which talks about Urban Violence), Horrorcore delves beyond the realm of realistic urban violence to the point where the violent lyrics become gruesome, ghoulish, and unsettling.

I have been a fan of this genre for a while now, and in fact some of my earlier projects and current projects with the Legion Ov Doom (a supergroup made up of AD6 and EMP) are based in this genre.

Now this list is by no means a definitive collection of every Horrorcore band or song. This is more of a collection of songs that show the diversity of the lyrics used in this type of music. Often the music can be dark and intense, but some artists tend to use humor to ease the tension. So, if you are brave enough to try something new and expand your tastes, queue up this playlist and take a trip to the dark side!

As always, follow the playlist for updates and add some of the songs to your personal library. Leave a comment if this music is TOO much for you, or (if you’re like me) leave a comment requesting more music!


What is a “Modern Producer” in 2018-2019?


Nowadays, people tend to throw around titles, and positions like no one’s business. They may have good intentions, but might be something TOTALLY different than what they say they are. The internet age has opened the doors to software and hardware that was unavailable for most people, and has made the studio experience readily available. Also, with sites like Mixcloud, Soundcloud and YouTube, sharing your creations has become so simple anyone can do it with a smartphone. I’ve been a “Modern Producer” for the past ten years, and working with other producers and different recording situations has taught me a lot. So in this edition I want to share what I think a “Modern Producer” really is, and how they help with the creative process. I’ll admit this post is geared more towards mid level to “Signed” musicians, but I will try to get into the DIY or “Underground” Producers as well. So with that, lets get into a Producer’s role when working with artists in the current age.

1. Works as the “Middle Man” between the Creative and the Technical

Sometimes when you are working with an artist that is new to the recording process or new to working in a studio (DIY or professional) it can be hard to get everyone on the same page. It is the Producer’s job to make sure everything goes as it should, and that everyone is doing what they should. This means being a translator of sorts.

The Producer needs to be familiar with the songwriting process while in the studio. They need to be able to take the abstract ideas about how the song should sound or “feel”, and explain it to the engineer in a way that the idea works. They basically take words like, “Fatter” or “Wider” and translate them into, “More EQ on the Bass”, or “Add Reverb to the vocals”. They take the creative ideas, and translates them into the technical jargon that the studio staff can understand.

2. Knows how to get the most from the studio staff, the artist, and the tools

Like I mentioned previously, the internet age has opened doors to everyone with a wifi connection. With this in mind, it is the Producer’s job to know the latest and greatest techniques, gear, trends and studio “tricks” to make the songwriting or studio session go smooth. You don’t want to work with someone that never upgraded to a digital work station, or is still using mixing techniques from the pre-stereo age would you?

This is even more important when working in your personal studio, or DIY studio. When you are working in your home studio, or with friends in a “Closet” studio, knowing the latest tips and tricks could speed up the session exponentially. So it’s up to the Producer to know how to get everyone working as a well tuned and efficient song writing machine!

3. Brings out the best in everyone…especially you

The studio sessions, and songwriting sessions could be totally nerve racking! Especially for a new artist, or an artist that has never really worked with others before. Even worse, you could have studio staff that are totally phoning it in, and are just there to push buttons. This is where, you guessed it, the Producer steps in. The Producer should introduce everyone to each other, and make everyone feel like a team. They should make the artist feel at ease and make sure they are able to give their best performance. They should also snap any studio staff into shape if they start to lose focus on the session.

Here, the Producer is a motivational source. They help the artist and staff in a way that is fun, and makes the experience a good one. If you have a Producer that is like a drill sergeant and makes the session a horror show, take a step back. Your Producer is not your boss, and should treat everyone equally.

4. Focuses on the overall plan

Writing a song in your living room is one thing. Recording a song for distribution is another thing. As an Artist, you write and preform the songs, and as an Engineer or studio staff you make sure you get the best sound and recordings possible. The Producer must have the overall picture laid out in their head. From the small details of the writing and recording process, to the final mix and tracking out process. The Producer may also look over the mixing of instrumental, vocal only, and live versions of the song. The post production portion of songwriting has many steps, and needs someone to manage it all.

If you have other people on your track, the Producer has the release forms ready. Want to have your song placed in movies, or remixed by a famous DJ? The Producer makes sure to have high quality versions of your song ready for film, or other musicians and Producers. The Producer should even know how to prep your song for posting to the web and websites.

If you are a new artist and are still unsure about things in the studio sessions or when working with other artists, try and connect with a good producer. They will help you more than you think, and usually end up understanding you as an artists and can help with your final vision.

Now I know there are some of you out there that have different ideas on what a “Producer” is. That’s okay! This is only one part of a WAY bigger process, and deserves a deeper look. So keep an eye out for more posts like this, and more info on Producers when it comes to Beat Making, and even “One Man Bands” or Producers that do everything (and when I say everything…I mean it!).

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