Life is hard, sometimes.

So it’s been some time since I’ve made a post here. I hate that I always say that, but the good news is that I’m back and writing. It’s important to come back to what you’re passionate about. No matter how long you’ve been away, if you are able to revisit your passion, consider it a blessing.

I have been neglecting my passions for a while now, but it’s been for good reasons. I’ve recently found out that I’m going to be a father, and I’ve been in the process of buying a new home. The past few months have been a whirlwind of life changing events. So I’m happy to still be on my feet when others would have been swept away. 

I’ve had challenges in these past months that I feel have changed me. I am no longer the person I was at the start of this year. I’m stronger, more driven, and ready for more challenges. I am ready to do more than I had been, and ready to work hard for the people that depend on me. Was it hard? Of course. Change is always hard, but you have to be harder. 

You have to be stronger for yourself, but mostly for the ones that depend on you. A part of becoming stronger is recognising your faults, and changing them so they are strengths.

So a part of my journey now is to recognize that I need to continue to build my strengths. As a musician it’s my job to entertain and help everyone build memories of the good times. As a musician I can do more, so I want to let you know that yes, life is hard, but don’t let the hard times stop you.



“Tell Me I’m Wrong” – Album ART!

“Tell Me I’m Wrong” – Joseph Inviere, Album Art

New Album Art for the soon to be released track!

Whats up everyone? Inviere here, and in this edition I wanted to share the artwork for a new song! I wanted to share with you the final artwork and a few details on the upcoming release. The track, “Tell Me I’m Wrong”, is something new and I’m excited to share it with everyone soon! So let’s get to it!

Recently I have been working on what I would call, “Post Production/Pre Release” part of the game. I have been working on sending the tracks to the copyright office, and completing the artwork for the song. I had finished all the fun parts of the creative process, (Writing, Recording and Performing) and now it was time to prep for release.

I would call this song an alternative acoustic song. I only have a few instruments on the track, and they were all recorded live in my home studio. This included my trusty P-Bass, and custom 808 plug-in, my acoustic-electric guitar, a vintage ibanez delay pedal, and a digitech looper! This song was a breath of fresh air for me. I felt like I was able to do something new, without overthinking it and just do what I felt was right.

So, with that being said I hope you all are excited to check out the final artwork for the track! I hope you all look forward to the song’s release! I will keep everyone posted about the release date, but make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and all that stuff for more info as it happens!

Thanks for everything and I hope you have an amazing Sunday afternoon! Keep the fight alive and be safe!


When it rains it pours..

Hey what’s up everybody it’s Joseph inviere here, back again with another blog post! I hope everything is going good and that your week is been amazing! In today’s edition I just want to share a couple of shows, some music updates and some good news from your friends at EMP music so let’s get it!

So at the beginning of this month me and James Doom started to sent out a bunch of emails trying to get some more shows booked and thankfully we were able to book a lot of shows in a little bit of time! I just want to say thanks to all the promoters that book EMP music! Major shout out to the homies from Albuquerque all the way down to El Paso Texas!

Check out some of the flyers for the events!

“Vibrations” Show, March 24th 501 Bar & Bistro – El Paso TX


“1st Annual New Mexico 420 Education, Music, and Arts Fest”, April 20th Youngs Park – Las Cruces, NM


505 Mini Gathering Flyer

“The 2nd Annual 505 Mini-Gathering of the Juggalos”, July 1st-2nd The Jam Spot Albuquerque, NM


If you are in the area come by and hang out with EMP! I will post more updates as they happen, and I will share all the craziness we run into! As always I want to wish you all well, and I hope you have an awesome rest of your week! Keep the fight alive!


Never Doubt yourself

Man wins over judges!

Nerves couldn’t stop Christopher from delivering an amazing performance on the UK X-Factor!

Good morning everyone! Inviere here, back at it again! I hope your week was amazing and that your weekend wasn’t too crazy! In this edition I wanted to share this amazing video from the UK X-Factor, as well as some positive vibes to start off your week! Let’s Do this!

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