Beat of the Day – 06-12-2019

Here is the video from yesterdays #BOTD. I was running super late when it came time to start producing the video, but luckily I was still able to get it done!

I changed the format for this video, and started using my webcam to capture the video of my keyboard and clip launcher. I think this adds some more detail to the video, and you can see me actually playing some notes on this song. I also changed DAW’s to the new Ableton live 10 workstation. I have become a fan of this application due to it’s abilities to do stuff in a live situation. The possibilities are endless and I have only started to scratch the surface with Live 10.

I hope you like the video, and the format. Please follow me on instagram for more posts as they happen. Thanks again and have an awesome weekend!




Beat of the Day – 06-11-2019

So I’m still doing good with the #BeatOfTheDay series. Above is the video for today, and I’ll admit I had a harder time with this one.

Yesterday was just not my day! I had a crazy long meeting (about 5 hours), and I was totally out of it by the end of the day. But I had to remind myself why I was doing this, and powered through this beat.

It has a good “Dark” vibe, and I can see how my day at the office influenced the beat. It starts off nice and mellow with some rhythmic keys, but then progresses into some ominous strings that build up to the drums. I think this one has some potential later on down the line.

Hope you enjoy!


Beat of the Day – 06-10-2019

Recently I have been struggling with consistency. It’s been getting harder and harder to make time for my music, but like I always say, “You make time for what’s important to you”. So in order to force myself into making more music, I’ve decided to start a “Beat of the Day” Challenge.

The idea behind this challenge is to create a new instrumental song a day and share it with you all. With these daily exercises, I hope to sharpen my production skills and feed the social media monster!

Now these beats might not be a master piece each time, but they will be something that will build a habit. If I can build a habit of working on something, I can make sure that the projects I want to move forward with will have a good foundation to build on. I am not saving the project files, so this forces me to commit to what I have created and not to second guess myself.

There you have it! I hope you all enjoy the music I will be putting out over the next few days, and make sure to like and follow me on instagram for more music posts!