How to help those we love…(video)

So I was cruising around the internet last night, and I found myself on YouTube. Now, I didn’t have an agenda, or was I looking for something specific. But I was looking for ways to help my loved ones with some issues we’ve been going through, then I found this video from the good people at The School of Life.

Hope y’all Enjoy!



Never Doubt yourself

Man wins over judges!

Nerves couldn’t stop Christopher from delivering an amazing performance on the UK X-Factor!

Good morning everyone! Inviere here, back at it again! I hope your week was amazing and that your weekend wasn’t too crazy! In this edition I wanted to share this amazing video from the UK X-Factor, as well as some positive vibes to start off your week! Let’s Do this!

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Video – “The Edge” Simon Saulnier

“The Edge” Simon Saulnier

New Sci-Fi short film by Simon Saulnier

In the new sci-fi short by Simon Salunier we learn that some people would do anything to preserve their memories and prized possessions. In the dark and gritty world of “La Lisiere” we see a young woman and her father surviving in the woods. Amazing visuals and story telling, lets get into “The Edge”! (Subtitles recommended)

This video is amazing and I wanted to make sure that you had the chance to check it out. The creators of this video are only going to have it online for a short time, only this week, to be exact! So maker sure to check it out while it is available!

Until next time, enjoy!


1,000 Ways to Die: Raptor Mission 001

Hey whats up?!? In this edition I wanted to share something new. As some of you may know I am a fool for the re-booted “Battlestar Galactica” franchise. So much so, that I have become an avid player of the online game of the same title. So in this edition I wanted to share some of my recent game play!


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